The Importance of IELTS 

Knowledge of the English language is necessary in English speaking countries that are part of the Commonwealth like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a popular and accepted method of testing the proficiency in spoken and written English, of people whose mother tongue is not English. A minimum specified grade in the IELTS is mandatory for gaining admission to most of the universities in these countries. For working professionals, the IELTS will add value to applications for a visa or residence permit. 

IELTS -English Speaking

Before going into details of the IELTS, we must analyse why this is so important, especially for those seeking jobs in English speaking countries. In India, the tendency among students is to pay more attention to domain specialization than to language. The result is that, while job applicants score very high the area of their specialization, they fail woefully when it comes to language proficiency. Of course, this is not true in cases where students who have studied in the English medium. However, they form a very small minority.

The successful completion of the IELTS test gives the person confidence and prepares her to enter the international corporate world, which is a different cup of tea, as compared to the conditions in India. I don’t mean that one is better than the other, but they are different from one another. Proficiency in English is the first step to international exposure. The acceptance of English is rising the world over and even in countries like Germany, for whose citizens their language is a key element of national pride, a working knowledge of English is necessary due to globalisation of businesses.

There are a few advantages of taking the IELTS test:

You get a fair idea of where you stand with respect to proficiency in spoken and written English, and comprehension
This is necessary since you may be underestimating or overestimating your capabilities. Some people have their own ideas on sentence construction and punctuation. However, they may not match the very rigorous global standards.

When you prepare for the exam you learn not only writing, but also reading, listening and comprehension, and speaking English

Studying for the IELTS gives you an opportunity to hone your proficiency skills in English. It may give you a pleasant surprise or give you an opportunity to learn and grow.

You’re in for a wonderful academic stint

The IELTS test gives you more than what you ask for, since the standard is more than what you will need for your graduate and post graduate studies.

IELTS has worldwide acceptance

IELTS is a certification that is recognised by universities, government bodies and corporate organizations across the world. So, your efforts will not be in vain.
The Academic IELTS is meant for university and school admissions and the General Training IELTS for immigration and job applications. Recently, the UK Government has introduced the IELTS Life Skills, which helps when applying for a UK Visa and for immigration.

Different countries have different minimum threshold limits for passing the tests. 

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