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Complementing Domain Skills with Domain Expertise

A Must for StudentsThe intense competition that people face in life in their academic pursuits and professions makes it essential that they are a step ahead to forge ahead. This is easier said than done and involves planning and action from an early stage in life. It is debatable whether people who guide and mentor students and young professionals have shaken off conventional beliefs on how to prepare them for the rigours and challenges they will face in life, be it their professional life or their personality. It takes generations to get rid of beliefs and practices that are firmly entrenched in human minds. Under these conditions, suitable interventions to correct course become important.
If you agree with this analysis it is easy for you to see why our students who graduate by the thousands every year are unprepared for decent employment. It is true that certain sectors may be facing a glut as far as availability of positions is concerned. That apart, would they be ready, if jobs we…

Personality Development

Individuality and authenticity goes beyond tags and limitations because it involves assertion of an image that is unique. The way a person is perceived and regarded is what we call his personality.Personality is developed when each of its facets are nurtured. Let us first try to define what these facets are. 
I would make a representative listing as follows: Personal appearance and groomingEtiquettePoiseEffective communicationGood listening skillsSelf confidence
This is only a representative list and not an exhaustive one. These are major traits that one has to consciously address to build up an image. Personal appearance and grooming: The importance of physical grooming and dressing cannot be ignored. Smart, well fitting clothes meant for professional wear will boost your appearance, which is one of the main facets of personal appearance. Sloppy, ill fitting and inappropriate dresses can make you the object of ridicule and invite snide remarks. Moreover, it is one of the reasons for peo…

Mastery of Language – The Key to Confidence

“Mastery of language affords one remarkable opportunities”                                     By Alexandre Dumas
“Mastery of language affords remarkable power”                                     By Frantz Fanon
Confidence is one’s ability to compare oneself with respect to her or his environment and be satisfied or happy with it. There are many causes that help develop and maintain one’s confidence, the more important of them being upbringing, education, the environment itself, the encouragement one gets and lastly, but not less important, being adept at important domain related and soft skills. To list out these skills may be like “Carrying Coal to Newcastle” to a knowledgeable and educated readership. However, one of these skills, namely mastery of language, is something worth analysing further.
Let us reflect a little on the basics of how to achieve mastery of language. For the purposes of this paper let us go into the methods that are to be employed to attain mastery of the English l…