Personality Development

Individuality and authenticity goes beyond tags and limitations because it involves assertion of an image that is unique. The way a person is perceived and regarded is what we call his personality.  Personality is developed when each of its facets are nurtured. Let us first try to define what these facets are. 
Personality Development services

I would make a representative listing as follows:
  •  Personal appearance and grooming
  • Etiquette
  •  Poise
  •  Effective communication
  • Good listening skills
  •  Self confidence

This is only a representative list and not an exhaustive one. These are major traits that one has to consciously address to build up an image.
Personal appearance and grooming: The importance of physical grooming and dressing cannot be ignored. Smart, well fitting clothes meant for professional wear will boost your appearance, which is one of the main facets of personal appearance. Sloppy, ill fitting and inappropriate dresses can make you the object of ridicule and invite snide remarks. Moreover, it is one of the reasons for people to be lacking in confidence when interacting with peers and seniors in the industry.
Etiquette: To be able to behave in a responsible way is extremely important and, simply put, that is what etiquette is all about. Etiquette is important because
  •  People perceive you as cultured and remember you
  •  Displaying etiquette helps in creating the all-important, good first impression
  • Etiquette helps you to talk, respond and walk properly
  • Etiquette can be classified in various ways. Those pertinent to the context of this note are:
  • Social etiquette ensures that you behave appropriately in society
  • Corporate etiquette requires you to follow basic conventions like refraining from snooping into others’ work and maintaining organizational decorum and norms. It also requires you to listen and allow others to speak without interruption
  • Business etiquette requires you to follow norms of compliance when conducting official transactions

Poise: Grace, composure, elegance and dignity of manner make up poise. Develop these traits and experience how you are perceived by others.
Effective communication: The ability to interact with celebrities and captains of the industry, the ability to sustain a conversation and convince others go a long way in building up your personality
Good listening skills: This trait must be practised as the temptation to interrupt someone and prevent him or her from saying what we don’t want to hear is very high
Self-confidence: This is a trait that comes to you if you are sure of what you speak, and what you do. Self confidence comes when you are good at your core competence and are able to interact well with others.
In this competitive world it is essential that we have a uniqueness, an authenticity and an image of our own. These little tips may help.

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